Transportation Options Included With The London Pass

Thanks for all of your helpful information regarding London Pass.

I purchased the 6 day pass for myself and 14 yearold daughter.

We have six days in London so there gonna be ample enough time to get the most out of our pass. I got the 6 day pass with travel since we are staying near the London City Airport and should be traveling by DLR and Tube any day into London to visit maximum attractions, we are visiting June ’27 July’ 3. It cost $ 350 for the two of us with travel. Wanted to know about discounts on urs not covered by the Pass, specifically Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes since my daughter loves both and we plan to do those urs with quite a few of the popular attractions covered by London Pass. Do you know an answer to a following question. Can you tell me if the pass/travel card comes already activated or I have to find a ticket window office and get it activated? read more