Best Pubs In London – Historic Pubs That May Not Be Historic

best pubs in london So if you are staying longer and look for to experience some great walks though London what if you try the London Pub Crawls iPhone or Android app from the London Pub Crawl Company.

London pubs.

By the way, a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. By the way, a great app for the iPhone showing you top-notch pubs. Eventually, troy and Jonno are proud to have produced Best London Pubs iPhone app. We have our favourites, we know you can’t get to 140 odd pubs in your vacation here. Remember, we have visited a bunch of pubs in London and whittled it down to better. For example, for the most part there’re a tad grotty. Needless to say, our favourites are the pubs that we tell our mates to visit so you can be sure of a great location. It was about 20 metres beyond, as we chatted and wandered up the road we’ve just walked past it!.

best pubs in london Our next pub was the very hidden Ye Olde Mitre, that is so easy to walk straight past, and we did. Being down a narrow alley, you really do have to keep a look out. Best London Pubs showcases London’s best pubs. All the pubs in the app are reflective of how a pub should’ve been, we have deliberately not included pubs with dominating TVS and fruit machines blaring away in the middle of the pub. Any wn has pubs like that and we know when you come to London you seek for the best and that’s what Best London Pubs iPhone app is all about. You see, your pub experience could be a truly London experience, theme pubs and Irish pubs are not included.

best pubs in london So this really is one of those pubs that it worth trekking across London for.

At peak times when the offices empty out you may not get to the bar, it’s a small pub and on a warm summers night it gets busy, therefore plan ahead to avoid disappointment.

It was originally in the Shire of Cambridge and therefore outside of the control of the Metropolitan Police, a great piece of history. Normally, we had our plan and decided to stick to it, it was a hard call with so many great little pubs tucked away in the backstreets. Just think for a moment. More warehouses and a lack of sleek offices, It’s not really industrial. Actually, after a very refreshing pint of one of London’s best beers we head further east and into a more industrial part of the city. Our next stop was the Betsy Trotwood. With oak beams and a character straight our of a novel by Charles Dickens, you my be forgiven to thinking that this pub was the oldest pub in London.

You should be wrong as it was built after the first world war.

We ventured out into the warm summers evening and headed for a rather peculiar pub called the Cittee of York on High Holborn, with full tummies.

So it’s a marvellous pub and the small fact of its age gonna be ignored as the man who built this place knew a thing or two about pubs and has left a landmark he can be proud of! It’s the few pubs that is owned by St Peters Breweryand a very nice drop of beer they make and identical adventures. Our last port of call that night was the fabulous Jerusalem Tavern, probably Jonno’s favourite London pub.

Behind this great pub is the temple of the Knight of St John, where the St John ambulance has its roots.

One that the locals know about and urists rarely get to visit, it’s a small pub and pretty well hidden from passing trade.

Surely it’s history just like this that makes London’s pubs p pubs across the globe. Anyways, certainly has many tales to tell, not very much of a historic pub. Generally, the price of food was higher than other pubs n the location, since of the local lawyers. Therefore this pub is often frequented by the lawyers working closely in Lincolns Inn Fields.


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