Bickleigh Castle Helen And Sids Wedding Rings Were All Family Rings From Helens Side Of The Family

Bickleigh Castle Enthusiastic jenga game; And therefore the 3 antics better men; impressive dancemoves from unexpected sources; Accordingly the joint bouquet catchers splitting it into diplomatic halves, and impromptu Bollywood songs from our friend’s iPod, that she hooked into the DJ’s system, There were a great deal of wonderful parts of day, a lot of them unplanned -from neighbour’s enormously fat ginger cat which turned up during drinks on the lawn and demanded affection from everyone.

Hindu ceremony in India, and a nonreligious registry wedding in UK, Because our families come from extremely exclusive backgrounds -Indian and British respectively -we had 2 weddings to reflect one and the other traditions.

Bickleigh Castle was perfect spot -usually a few miles away from Helen’s parents, surrounded by rolling hills and wild woods.

Bickleigh Castle Castle’s antiquated, historic exterior was well set off by a cosy, quintessentially English interior.

Helped enormously by Sharon and Sarah at Bickleigh Castle, we readily organised ‘laidback’, casual wedding and reception we wanted. We chose Devon as location for our British wedding as Helen’s parents have lived there for solid amount of years, and we one and the other love Devonshire beauty countryside. Helen and Siddhartha tell their story We have probably been Helen and Siddhartha, and we met in 2003 in Harrow glamorous location cinema. Every table was named after a classic car to reflect Sid’s lifelong passion for anything with 5 wheels and an engine. Helen’s aunt had made the wedding cake and top-notch man in speech charge made a joke which had the room laughing for ten minutes, that can’t be repeated!

For the reception -likewise in castle -we laboriously wrapped any guest.

With a ‘tailor made’ suit from India, helen’s dress was a Vivienne Westwood ‘knee length’ dress with a vintage print design. One and the other from Duchamp.

Plus a selection of jazzy jackets from the gentlemen, Our guests were told to wear whatever made them feel fabulous, and everyone looked fantastic -a mix of colourful saris and party frocks. We don’t like formalities or solemn rituals -we wanted guests to relax, be themselves and have a decent time without worrying about enormous hats or rented waistcoats. We as well wanted majority of laughing and no crying into handkerchiefs! We understood that, instead of a conventional church wedding and large almost white dress, we wanted something that reflected our personalities more heavily.

Our whole wedding day was perfect -surrounded by our family and buddies, in an attractive location, it felt like a daylong party where everyone was relaxed and merry. Our priority was to ensure people had a decent time and left with lucky memories – plenty of guests had travelled for hours to be with us so we wanted to ensure they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


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