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With works by Constable, Guildhall Art Gallery opened in 1999 to house the City’s stupendous art collection, Millais, the PreRaphaelites and a mighty canvas by John Singleton Copley.

Admission was probably free, with free Friday tours hours 12 dot 15 to 15pm and a lunchtime curator’s tour every month.

london attractions and pricesConstruction revealed the original Roman Amphitheatre hidden below. Then the Temple Spring Concert series starts on March 19 in historic round church shared by Inner and Middle Temples. With readings by Rory Kinnear, on April 29 ‘Songs of the Sea’ was usually performed by singers Julius Drake acquaintances. Tickets including donation. Last chance to see Sherlock Holmes. So Man Who under no circumstances Lived and Will under no circumstances Die, that runs until April 12 at London Museum. Of course another lovable ugly mug, tiled like an urinal and marooned in a nest of roads north of Barbican, London free Museum has been a box of delights. So here is a question. Look for to see the key to Newgate Prison, stroll in a ’18 century’ pleasure garden or see what they have been wearing in Carnaby Street circa 1966?

It all forms a massive, brilliant combination of academic excellence and visual charm.

The company commissions and shows works of art and programming has been imaginative.

london attractions and pricesBloomberg, the pecuniary information giant practically owns Finsbury Square, its Europe’s HQ usually was so vast, and its Bloomberg SPACE is equally cavernous, open to community and free. Make a tour of Charterhouse, former Carthusian monastery and Tudor townhouse near Smithfield Market, taken by the Brothers. I’m sure you heard about this.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and just about every Saturday. You see you’re at Dr Johnson’s House when you see Hodge statue, his pet cat, in Gough Square. Whenever working in attic with 7 assistants, opposite is 18 century house in which one of London’s greatest literary characters produced his English Dictionary in 10 years flat. Nip into Cheshire Cheese pub afterwards, as the big man did with good frequency. Just keep reading. Put a spring in our own step with Swing Den and Bishopsgate Ballroom ‘dropin’ dance nights on selected Fridays in OK Hall, Bishopsgate Institute.

While Swing Patrol’s jive and swing night on March 27 costs ‘five 10’, all welcome, for sake of example.

England revamped Bank Museum charts the history of money and London, banknotes, inflation and the pesky civil debt.

Ever tried lifting a gold bar? It weighs as much as a baby. Basically, audiences got lost when the Brutalist concrete Barbican Centre first opened in 1980s. Consequently, thirty years on, its blistering programme of music, visual arts, movies and plays draws enthusiastic audiences.


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