London Eye Madame Tussauds And 39 Steps

london eye madame tussauds You have to consider changing your own voucher for a card with activities number.

Activities and maintenance just like river cruises, airport transfers and day trips to Bath likes and Stonehenge are usually included.

Choose to visit 2, 4, 7 or ten attractions, and gain ‘cash and’ voucher free entry to some amount of London’s top restaurants, West End theater shows and attractions including Madame Tussauds, London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. See London and beyond with a London Flexi Attractions Pass. Keep reading! Went direct to Mama MIa and 39 Steps as promoted by Iventure to no avail and Iventure did not respond to calls from every of them. THat alone would mean we should not have purchased it. To get the final offer we went to Blance restaurant once more but it was rejected by Iventure block on card as we had been there once. Not having our desired attractions we used 5 four attractions on places we had seen before to get some value., it Offered London Tower, Kensington Palace and the hop on off bus tour all of which were now not attainable.

london eye madame tussauds Additionaly when we arrived at T5 we were unable to collect card at agent as their machine was not working.

Went to ten agents in Leicester Sq for half price Iventure tickets of which three were official ticket agents to no avail.

Refused once again as albeit not stated by IVenture you may entirely take there up to 330pm. SO at much traversing we planned to look for consume at HOllywood PLanet. Purchased one week prior to arriving in UK. We thought we would try a show. So, one hour later we collected cards from T3 at much inconvenience. Usually, in summary the card is a fraud without any detail, no contact continued having to pay for upgrades. There is a lot more information about this stuff on this website. We purchased the five attraction pass, we completely carried on using it for three and at any place there seemed to be a LOT of confusion on how to use the card.

We used the card to look for Madame Tussauds, London Eye and London Dungeon.

We tried to use it for London Tower but they weren’t accepting it at the time we were there which was not enlightened or in fine print anywhere.

It should have been better for us to obtain simply those 4. Locating the vendor at airport proved to be a real chore. My family and I spent three hours attempting to locate the vendor at Heathrow airport. Overall this card is good value for price. However, we were able to see the London Eye, Sea essence Aquarium and Madame Tussauds. We continued paying for five for an attraction that we didn’t get time to see because of a service shambles provided by this company. Guy at the desk took 55 minutes to eventually manage to input the codes on my vouchers and produce the cards. Let me tell you something. We queued up outside and finally when we were virtually at desk i rang in exasperation.the person was outside Madame Tussauds all with headphones in listening to music without any indication that they have been from sign.not holding the iventure card.they understood they’ve been looking for a family of five and still made no effort to seek us out.

After ultimately getting through to the head office he was assured and assured me that the 5th card was activated.

As we were on a two day sightseeing trip from Ireland.TIME. Essence was!

Heathrow airport to collect cards even when we had flown into gatwick. I know that the girl in office said she should send a totally new card to our hotel, therefore this in no circumstances happened.then they said they will meet us at sea health aquarium.this didn’t happen.then they said they should send someone to Madame Tussauds with it. GUESS WHAT. IT WAS’NT! We couldn’t get in to the attractions as we couldn’t leave one of our children outside, obviously! You should get this seriously. With that said, this card was disastrous. On top of this, under no circumstances. It ruined our all the holiday, stress, hassle and we carried on not having time to do HOP ON HOP OFF BUS TOUR.

We had to figure out a number for venture ring them, get them to ring and email the attraction!

Several select musicals and plays have usually been included with the pass.

Possibly start our own day rubbing shoulders with your own favorite celebrities at Madame Tussauds. Anyhow, round off an evening with a visit to a West End theater show. See the first ever 4D aerial footage of London and witness famous newest Year’s Eve fireworks lets you experience London’s top attractions at your personal pace, with flexibility to choose from a 3-.

Therefore the 39 Steps.

Actually choose from the list below, your card includes admission to 3, 6, 7 or ten London attractions.

Use your own complimentary fullcolor London information map to plan your schedule. Have your camera prepared as you strike poses with Beyonc√© likes, Kate Winslet, One Direction and Her Majesty Queen, with more than 300 wax figures. Situated on Southbank, London Eye offers breathtaking city views from above. Known pick up our London Flexi Attractions Pass from amidst central London redemption points or Heathrow Airport and choose from vast amount of city’s most well-known attractions, tours, West End theater shows and restaurants. Typical shows involve War Horse, Mamma Mia, while these review frequently. Next, probably head to the London Eye for unparalleled views of London’s famous skyline. Skip the long line and actually swipe your own card to gain ‘cash free’ entry to Madame Tussauds’ 14 unusual zones, our own card offers priority entrance. london eye madame tussauds With highlighted attraction maps to every attraction.

The they Venture Card is probably big money saving way to a la carte our activities.

In hindsight, I should’ve obtained the five pack to maximize the value. Hey, do not, if you are debating I Venture and London Pass. Simply get all of them if your stay is at least four months.

I’m sure it sounds familiar. London pass which they had my be next to one hour, when we went for the boat ride down the Thames.

Instead you have to wait in identical for ages line with everybody for ages line/queue. We couldn’t redeem the ticket at ticket counter, we had to get actual ticket at another location. Upon arrival at Heathrow it took us forever to determine where to exchange our voucher and walked in circles with heavy bags for rather some amount of time until we searched with success for someone who had even card heard. We purchased the seven attaction pass, and struggled to use all 7, we did do London Eye, Thames River Cruise, that was just a cruise without any commentary of what you were seeing.

We felt constricted by this and frustrated with making an attempt to figure out where to catch bus, exchange the voucher, book the theatre, and suchlike, while you most likely save money obtaining this but not the individual tickets once there.

We did a Afternoon Tea at Cafe Concerto beware not Cafe all Concerto’s accept the card, so beware if you were probably looking for an authentic Tea experience this going to be disappointing, ours was not really good but thankfully we had again done an excellent one elsewhere.

You must book later once again, had to move to a specific location to book the show and shows reachable were usually limited, we did get theatre tickets. Thsi was possibly the biggest let down as we had hoped to use it more frequently for a while being that it was so challenging we usually carried on using it a few times, So there’re two loops but we solely managed to catch the bus for identical loop any time. Now look, the Bus, look, there’re a couple of Hop On / Off buses in London and this one appears to have least frequency and fewer drop off than the others, For every one of our bus we saw at least four or vast five Bus and Original Hop Ons/ Hops Offs.

We were disppointed with nearly each aspect of this card.


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