London Theatre Tickets 2000 Tickets (The Seller Even Writes In The Listing That The Face Value Is 20

 With links to special offers being posted on blogs, To be honest I expect that plenty of these booking links go through to legitimate websites where tickets can be bought from official agents. If it has the word ‘affiliate’, awinaffid or id in the link the referrer should be getting a commission, So if you look for to know if a ‘link’ is paying someone a commission just hover your mouse over the link. As long as the ticket source is legitimate, for the most part there’s nothing wrong with that. Make sure you drop some comments about it below. What going to be written is I don’t sell theatre tickets BUT I do get paid a commission when you buy tickets through my links.

london theatre tickets Whenever meaning that mostly there’s commission paid on the purchase, one individual with booking links writes I don’t sell theatre tickets, and yet the majority of the links posted by them are affiliate links.

You don’t only get reduced rates on EBAY!

I know the prospect of getting a special offer or discounted theatre ticket is something that many going to be keen to find, and EBAY can be one such market place where theatregoers go looking for a ‘deal’. Yes you read that correctly…. Our website has seats for this exact same show in the Grand Circle further forward than Row K at 35 with postage at 50, or collect free from the Box Office. Do you know an answer to a following question. Gold dust? Notice, to get a lot of best deals book well in advance of the date you seek for to go, as the ‘cheapest’ tickets will usually sell first.

london theatre tickets While lots of theatregoers are always on the lookout for a perfect deal and there’re always special offers available for most shows in the West End. ‘booking links’ can also be found scattered about the web, in the first instance, plenty of the official ticket agents will have the special offers showing on their websites. It does apply to tickets for all major West End theatres, so this may not apply to many OffWest End venues as they will provide the tickets themselves. My advice for buying London theatre tickets is to be certain that your ticket source is a member of The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers. Not a mistake by those seated, as they had correct tickets.

Besides, the reason… both groups of people had the ‘correct’ tickets and a double booking had been made.

Maybe someone selling the tickets outside the theatre as a ‘tout’ or booked from a scam, It is possible it was an error by the theatre booking staff but were the tickets genuine, I’m quite sure I don’t know.

Actually a group of four people went to find their seats and found that there were people already seated in them. Couple of weeks ago we went to watch a p London show in the West End, and were seated with the show about to start. I don’t know how it happened but I do KNOW that one four group people were left very disappointed having probably paid in excess of 200 minimum + travel costs and did NOT get to see the show from their chosen seats on the selected date. STAR offers general advice and information on ticket buying and provides a dispute resolution service for customers who struggle with their purchase from a STAR member, as well as working with government and similar bodies for the benefit both of consumers and the ticketing industry.


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