London Things To Do

london things to do London Dungeon is a journey through the real stories of London’s nasty past, and it’s done with such energy and humour it’s a shame to leave it to the tourists.

The newest bar right after your own 90 minute tour comes as a welcome addition -steady yourself with a ‘bootleg’ beer or a gin cocktail.

Funny thing was probably, despite the fact that you understand it’s all actors and props, by time you’re lead into a dim recreation of Jack the Ripper’s Whitechapel, you and here is. Back in Shakespeare’s day theatregoers should spend performances on their feet Whether just being that they hadn’t invented chairs yet,, or it was to bring the audience closer to action. With 700 standing tickets released for every performance, at the Globe theatre onthe South Bankthe tradition continues.

london things to do Know something newest at London’s landmarks, get a tastefortheWest Endeven when you can’t get a ticket for a show, travel the world through a hundred amazing cuisines, and discover modern parts of town you’ve underin no circumstances, till that day.

Feel fortunate about!

Basically, if you think you’ve got energy to go beyond 101, take a glance at our tips forsecret London, ourfavouriteLondon attractions, capital’sbest museumsor see what’s happening at the moment in ourLondon events calendar. Then, ‘sky high’ terraces were always no longer posh sole preserve hotels. Ever since Frank’s Café set up amongst sexiest bars in London on of Peckham roof car park, mixologists was spending nights on tiles -turning their rooftops into funky spaces for dining, drinking, cinema and ‘minigolf’.

Be assured that a nation obsessed with the weather plans for everything -blankets, heaters and warm cocktails make an appearance as temperature drops.

  Just think for a moment. It my be big if you had an actual calendar of events. london things to do I seek for to make sure what actually is happening on a specific day in August and we can’t because of the website randomness!

For more retro pleasures, glam up for Jacky’s Jukebox on the month first Saturday and Jive Party on the third Saturday any month, for a live band and all the jivin’ you could handle, in sumptuous gold and redish, Rivoli is star of huge amount of a TV show and pop video.

It’s a lot easier when you’re on a particularly sprung dancefloor like the one at the Rivoli -London’s last remaining authentic 1950s style ballroom. So here’s a question. Fancy gliding around with someone peculiar?


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