Londons Top Alternative Attractions – St Katherines Dock

london tourist attractions list These hipster hangouts are filled with galleries, vintage clothes stores, unusual cafes and a lot of the best street art you’ve ever seen.

Whenever blogging away on their macbooks, sipping on lowfat lattes, it is where the cool kids waste the day away in cafes like 1001.

Pick up a cheap Fixie bike at the Brick Lane Sunday market or shop in Shoreditch’s Boxpark The world first popup mall. Now, a small section of the park was regenerated last year to resemble a Old English Garden which had been described as Like walking through a big bouquet be sure to check the giant Padoga, deer park and ‘mini zoo’.

london tourist attractions list Urists tend to flock to London’s most central parks but they going to be missing out on this beautiful utopia by the river located in London’s wealthy borough of Wandsworh, West London.

Families can rent bikes and Banana bikes for the kids to take an ur of the park.

It’s also very good places in London to get your skates on. If you fancy live music check the lineup at ’93 Feet East’ or for a night of raving the back room in ‘Cafe 1001′ occasionally stays open all night. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Start at ‘Verge’ at the p end and work your way down to ‘Vibe Bar’ and ‘Big Chill’ in Dray Walk. On p of this, a Brick Lane bar crawl is a must.

london tourist attractions list a bunch of urists that visit London this year will head straight for the typical urist hot spots just like The London Eye or Buckingham Palace. Little do they know is that So there’s very much more to this amazing city than Prince Harry’s crown jewels, The River Thames and pigeons. I know that the high street is lined with tattoo parlours and stores selling anything from platform boots to studded collars. Better known now as once being home wn to the UK’s most talented singer/songwriters, the late Amy Winehouse.

Of course whenever listening to a lot of best acoustic buskers in London, camden market is a great place to shop for handmade jewellary and trinkets before taking time to relax with a drink by the Locke. Camden is Possibly the most alternative area of London where Goths, Grungers and Hippys unite. Needless to say, it’s particularly pretty in the Spring and the Autumn. That has had a ‘makeover’ in recent years.

Most up and coming bands start their careers playing to the small energetic crowds in Camden’s pubs, if you enjoy live music look, there’s plently going on almost any night of the week. Be sure to take a glance at ‘Proud Camden’ in the Stables Market, they showcase some great talent and have karaoke rooms for when you’ve had one a couple of minutes or longer but it’s definitely worth the wait. Anyway, thank you for such a type thorough list! It is with one tally free day I now have various choices to find for my day getaway from London. I’m preparing to London for the first period next end of the week. London as it has greats views of quite a bit of London.

Great fun for the family and worth the money payed. I want to ask you something. By the way, the fancy boats in the marina make for great photos which will have your friends asking Where in London was that?? So this beautiful dock actually is overlooked by many London guide books. I know that the dock is lined with restaurants including the Medievil Banquet where you can step back in time and dine like a King. Located next to Tower Bridge, it’s hidden away by the buildings that surround it.

I searched on Google about London attractions and I came here.

Especially Battersea Park, after reading the article I was impressed from this story.

London shining with its beauty and allure, next on my To Do list for traveling! Head to Neal’s Yard Remedy shop, they sell organic skin and body care remedies created from natural ingrediants. Need a detox? Multicoloured buildings are decorated with hanging baskets and colourful shutters. Notice that even Londoners miss this quirky little courtyard, hidden away in Covent Garden’s back streets. It’s no wonder Monty Python once called it home. Please do not forget to stop off at the salad and juice bar before you leave. Great recommendations. That’s where it starts getting really entertaining. Love neals yard and St Katherines dock! Generally, except Battersea Park, west London has always been a big scary unknown to me. It’s perhaps no big surprise that I have been to all these places.

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