Museum Of London Images They Have Kept Intact History

museum of london images Indians oftentimes saw writing art.

Manuscripts were copied onto modern papyrus if they got damaged due to climatic conditions.

Rig Veda and one which will be seen. Definitely, how else will we search for thousands of ancient manuscripts in India? Anyways, even these forms of recording scripts was not permanent, like paper. Bhojpatra and tadpatra were abundantly accessible in nature before man walked earth. Script was in vogue since ancient times in India. Now let me ask you something. How else should we remember the Vedas, epics, scriptures, and similar astronomical subjects? In brief it will be stated that all overseas above assertions scholars were always unscientific, illogical, untrue and pure false propaganda. It had been revealed across the world now that scholars like Max Muller, H Wilson, A A MacDonell, Rudolph Roth, Albrecht Weber, Ralph T H Griffith, M Winternitz, Monier Williams, all had really similar significant objective which is expressed in Max Muller’s words which he wrote in a letter to his wife. museum of london imagesmuseum of london images Therefore this edition of mine and the Veda translation will, hereafter, tell to a good extent on the fate of India. It’s their root religion and to show them what the root was usually, I feel sure is always one way of uprooting all that has sprung from it throughout the last 2 thousand years.’. Basically the Valmiki Ramayana at Lord time Ram’s birth as ‘the ninth lunar bright day fortnight of Chaitra, asterism Punarvasu was in ascendant and 4 planets is exalted and Jupiter in conjunction with Moon appeared in the zodiacal sign of Karka’.

Known in the last few years, some extremely motivated computer literate group of people have designed a software called ‘Planetarium Gold Software’ which is probably mostly used by scientists to measure the distance and locations of planets from earth and to predict lunar and solar eclipses. Creation age is 32 billion years, and the sankalp mantra ‘Om tatsat adhay bharamano dutya parardhey swetvarahakalpe saptmein vaivasvat manvantare astahvinsatitame kaliyuge kaliprathme charne gatabde’, as per Vedic time computation and tradition.

At least this much always was specific, that mankind history is indeed highly long.

They have kept intact time history of creation and the advent of man on earth till tonight.

Man arrived on earth really 1972949108 years ago. Sun, planets, stars, earth, sea, vegetation, flora and fauna were created in the earlier 7 manmantars in a really scientific manner. With that said, some Vedic scholars as well think that man was created on earth solely in Vaivasvat seventh manmantar Manu. Man was born about 120533108 years ago, So if we accept this theory. Needless to say, it doesn’t alter calculations depending on planetary constellations positions, if we accept this.

By the way, the photographs scientific remains interpretation of Adam’s Bridge taken by NASA’s Gemini11″ spacecraft in 2002, reveals that this ancient bridge linking India to Sri Lanka was manmade, and it was dated to be at least 75 million years rather old.

Constellations should have completed 66 cycles in advance of coming back to its original position.

Whenever conforming to Valmiki Ramayana, Undoubtedly it’s real that Ram and his engineers constructed this bridge for transporting his army into Lanka. So in case we accept that it was indeed Ram who got this bridge constructed hereafter he lived in 28th middle years Treta, and not in 24th, and neither in transition between Treta and 28th Dwapar era.after a great deal of years it’s impossible for any buildings. I’m sure you heard about this. Without documentary evidence or ‘word of mouth’ we can’t prove that it belonged to him, even if he had a house. Ok, and now one of the most significant parts. We have no unusual or physic evidence to prove his health, if someone has passed away 5 generations ago without leaving his progeny behind.

In modern times, ruling existence presidents and prime ministers of tonight can’t be proved 1000 years hence without any literary proof.

There likewise can’t be natural records or evidences of every person who walked this earth so in the past.

Their story may be passed verbally from one generation to next but no physic evidence of their existence could be reachable. There’re 3 crucial references to Ram, Ravan, and similar in ancient scriptures, apart from Valmiki Ramayana and identical versions of Ram’s biography. In line with ancient Indian chronology and Puranic tradition Ram was born in 24th Treta Yuga. That said, while conforming to astronomy, zodiac positions constellations come back to their original place after a cycle of approximately 26000 years. Really similar details were entered in the Planetarium Gold software to determine the crucial dates in Lord lifespan Ram vis vis present planetary positions and zodiac constellations and calculated that Ram was born on January ten, 5114 BC, that means to say 7122 years ago.

Their ignorance of astronomical calculations and in any absence literary proof, their result can not be relied upon, while they deserved all appreciation and thanks for this modern approach.

No country on earth has this rich and immense literary treasure.

Truth is that Indians understood how to write and wrote a lot! If we consider that at that point in time the intellect and people memory were rather sharp and elephantine compared to the modern man, consequently this logic likewise goes against Darwin evolutionary fundamentals. Nonetheless, there were definitely a few people who felt pride in memorising one or Vedas more. museum of london images On the given basis literary references and evidences it usually can be inferred that Ram, Ravan, Vishwamitra and suchlike lived in the 24th Treta Yuga.

While as indicated by Mahabharata, ram lived in transition phase betwixt Treta and Dwapar ages.

It however does not mention Treta order. While calling him a shudra, we got Seer Shambook executed by Ram. Notice, we spin strange modern stories which ultimately maligned Ram noble character. As a result, our foolish beliefs did not end here. Oftentimes no intellectual scholar or tapasvi going to be a shudra, at least in Vedic times. Now let me tell you something. Through interpolations and additions in modern day Ramayana we have made Maryada Purshottam Ram into a person inflicting injuries and harassment on women and rather low borns. Likewise, ram under no circumstances disowned Sita or exiled her to the forest in a pregnant state. Valmiki under no circumstances wrote this.

Valmiki under no circumstances mentioned this.

They were not inclined towards maintaining any historical records, nor did they have any notion of placement of events in its decent sequence in time.

Indians did not see how to write. I am sure that the human history they understand is solely 5000 years quite old. They reckoned that Aryans came from abroad, defeated India original inhabitants, Dravidians, and settled here. Most outlandish scholars and Indologists think that Indians taught and learnt their lessons verbally, without any aid written material. Man ancestor was an ape or a chimpanzee. With all that said… Harappan civilisation was destroyed by invading Aryans. Essentially, thence one 3 unit yugas was always called Chaturyugi, having a total of 4320000 years. Normally, it will we have to understand the fact that McCaulay did not understand one Indian language but he commented on all Eastern wisdom, James Mill in no circumstances visited India but he wrote on Indian history. In world literature, no next historical person was narrated with very much devotion on this grand, magnified and detailed scale by a lot of poets and authors of varied countries. Then, after study this ancient irrefutable evidence. On top of that, people of Indonesia, who have a tradition of reciting Valmiki Ramayana quoted following verse ‘Yatanvanto yavdweepam shishiro naam parvat’, that meant that ‘Sughreev had advised the leaders in his army to visit eastern frontiers, in search of Sita, to visit Yavadwipa 6 conglomeration kingdoms, and from there to visit Swarnadeep and after Sumatra to visit Shishir mountain inhabited by gods and demons, that kisses the sky with its summit’.

Valmiki proudly says to Ram, ‘I am Pracheta 10th son, and they in no circumstances remember speaking one untrue sentence’.

Like the Tibetan Ramayana, Indo China’s Ramkerti. Even in various different countries we will search for versions of Ramayana, Turkistan’s Khotani Ramayana, Indonesia’s Kakbin Ramayana, Java’s Seratram, Sairiram, Ramkeling, Patani Ramkatha.

Scholars in addition consider that Homer’s Illiad and poet Dionysia Nonus of Rome have surprising similarities with our Ramayana. Anyhow, if we accept that Ram indeed lived during the 24th last phase Treta Yuga after that, it usually can be calculated that he lived 18149108 years ago. You will find a lot more information about it on this website. We have always been presently in the 28th Kalyug Chaturyugi and so far 5108 Kalyug years have lapsed. You see, as per Jain tradition Ram original name was ‘Padam’. Of course the most authentic and original source of knowledge about Ram is usually Valmiki Ramayana. Now this noble work of literature credits Valmiki as the world earliest poet. Primarily, like Padam Charitra by Vimal Suri, in Buddhist literature it looks for mention in 2 Jatak parables. Dashrath Jatak, Anamak Jatak and Dashrath Kathanak; in Jain literature plenty of manuscripts were written on Ram; Padam Puran by Ravisen Acharya; Padam Charitra and Charitra Puran by Swambhu; and Uttar Puran by Gunbhadra, It is always talked about in Muni Vyas’s Mahabharata at 4 places Ramopakhayan, Aaranyak Parva, Drona Parva and Dashrath Kathanak.

It in addition learns a mention in numerous various different scriptures of history and ancient literature, Ram story did not remain confined to pages of Valmiki Ramayana.

Valmiki saw Ram to be a human, a noble man, some quality stuff from his era and in his time wrote Ramayana as one and the other were contemporary.

We, in our blind faith, have accentuated question marks on Ram historicity and Ramayana by treating Ramayana like a fable and depicting its noble characters as birds and animals. He has likewise shown Ram to possess human traits and emotions, merely like any ordinary person. Jind, and Santhai of Haryana; Koshanbhi, Aahichatra, and Katinghar of Uttar Pradesh and Bhadra of Rajasthan, Hundreds of terracotta depending on Ramayana been looked with success for from Sirma, Haat, Nacharkheda of Hisar. museum of london images Maareech Mrugh; Tirshira dialogue with ‘Khar Dushan’; Then the execution of 14 demons by Ram; ‘Sitaharan’ by Ravan; Sughreev sighting Sita throwing down her ornaments from Pushpak; Sughreev welcoming Ram to his abode; ‘SughreevBali’ combat; Ram’s assassination of Bali; Hanuman burning Ashok Vatika; Trishira Rakshas’s killing; Indrajeet, the son of Ravan, planning to war, etcetera most of the terracotta have the verses of Valmiki Ramayana written in the script of ‘pre Gupta’ age, They depict fundamental events of Ram’s exile, mainly Ram, Sita and Lakshman’s Panchvati gaman. They may be seen in Gurukul archaeological museum Jhajjar. Actually the 9th walls century Shiv temple Parambanan of Java and the 11th century Angkorwat Temple of Cambodia always were pictorially engraved with scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata. All over world, not merely hundreds but thousands of temples of Ram, Lakshman, Sita, Hanuman, and similar have been being constructed since time immemorial. Nevertheless, Ram story was as well written in different next Indian regional languages. More Ramayana versions been written in Sanskrit, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese, Urdu, Arabic, Persian, and suchlike the Hindi Ramcharitmanas authored by Tulsidas has achieved a rather prominent place in northern India, apart from these.

Look, there’re at least 11 Ramayana versions in Hindi, 9 in Marathi, 25 in Bangla, 12 in Tamil, 5 in Telugu and 5 in Oriya. Facts biggest travesty probably was that after lots of literary and archaeological evidence, Lord Ram ain’t universally accepted as a historical personality. Sita was believed to be earth born and ultimately returned to Mother Earth. Our imagination understood no bounds. On top of this, Ram architect Setu, Jambavan, into a bear; Accordingly the famous doctor surgeon Sushen and his colleagues Angad, Bali, etcetera into monkeys; brave Jatayu who was former king of Gridhkoot who fought Ravan in the sky after abduction of Sita, into a vulture, Like fables of Panchtantra we have metamorphosed erudite scholar of Vedas and a guru of grammar, Hanuman, into an ape. Most shocking belief has been that most beautiful scholar lady Tara was married to monkey Bali. Actually the preachers and exponents of Ram Katha and directors and actors of Ramlila have inadvertently and ignorantly further contributed to doubts about Ram genuineness. Besides, devoid of very true faith and unaware of God very true glory, we have turned Ram into God and ‘God incarnate’. Always, overseas scholars and their Indian followers who have spread the mythological canard that Ram and Ramayana have always been historically untrue, figments of imagination and completely a fable are no more responsible than some amount of our Indian poets and writers. museum of london images American scholar Michael Cremo’s latest books Forbidden Archaeology and Devolution of Man depending on scientific discoveries prove that the Darwin theory has hardly any truth and that man came on earth at least 2 billion years ago.

Lots of scientific journals had published these discoveries but the mental block created by Darwin evolution theory and the limit of 5000 human years history did not pay due attention to the newest discoveries.

Cremo and his ‘coauthor’ Richard Thompson have quoted loads of archeological evidences which undoubtedly prove that scientists in the last 150 years have collected lots of facts which disprove plenty of key theories in history, linguistics and science. Scenes from Ramayana was sketched in Delhi Safdarjang Madarsa. Kushan emperor Kanishka had a windgod engraving Hanuman on his regime’s seal. Emperor Akbar had as well similarly depicted ‘Ram Sita’ on one of his golden guineas. Central India’s Dhar and Ratlam principalities had engraved Hanuman on their seals. Not only in India all over the world, greatest men who influenced and touched millions hearts both simple men and elite alike with his strength of character has been Ram, since thousands of years. museum of london imagesmuseum of london images Neither was world divided into Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews and stuff, nor damaged up on modern basis day caste barriers.

There were entirely 2 divisions in human society Arya and ‘Un Arya’.

As mentioned in holy book, now this was era when that world understood one language and speech the Bible. Those who were not strong of character and men of words were un arya. Although, his time was that of good kings and world empires. Ram could’ve been born in the majority of repetitive cycles in planetary positions. Quite similar planetary position repeats itself each 26000 years.

It’s in addition not incorrect to state that an email message was sent by NASA officials in July 2007 to N K Raghupati, Setu chairman Samudram Ship Canal Project, stating therein that bridge remains do not appear to be connected to any human activity.

Why NASA differed from its original stand is unknown.

No scientific test has yet been carried out to measure ascending or descending contours of Adam’s Bridge. Consequently, it could’ve been beautifully used by Ram to construct a temporary bridge for his army to cross over to Sri Lanka, even if Adam’s Bridge always was a normal geological formation. After millions of years since its construction, no human activity will be connected to this or any another structure.


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