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Saint Martins is quite possibly the most renowned art institution in the UK, So if not Europe.

These names include fashion designers, Stella McCartney and the late Alexander McQueen.

There are the people pushing and growing the creative world as we know it. Saint Martins has developed strong industry ties over the years and has acted as the springboard for many designers who have defined modern fashion and art. With that said, its students and lecturers are best known for their creative energy and willingness to experiment, innovate and take risks. I could write a book on the various strategies schools adopt to mislead both Ofsted and the general public. Schools spend a number of their time cooking the books to ensure that they get p results otherwise funding is affected. Schools simply select exam boards which have low grade boundaries. You should take this seriously. You can see why schools and colleges might look for to register with an exam board which marks scripts like that! read more