Chelsea Harbour Restaurants – You Could Even Round Things Off With A Couple Of Scoops Of Italian Ice Cream Or A Banana Split

Established on King’s Road way back in 1962, Chelsea Kitchen has been now firmly ensconced in its modern home rough by Fulham Broadway tube station and Chelsea headquarters FC.

Come here if you’re a fan of spag liver, bol, Mexican chicken, curried eggs and bacon, battered fish or salade ni├žoise -all tastes were usually catered for.

You could round things off with a couple of scoops of Italian ice cream or a banana split. Notice that tea and coffee probably were standard, and you usually can have booze if you’re eating. With big arched windows and ornate signage, interior makes its populist foodie credentials clear with rows of bare tables. And painted pillars all day menu that trawls world for plain simple priced satisfaction, from the outside it looks like a pub. read more