Jack The Ripper Tour London – Guides Who Have Appeared On Documentaries

Much so that the police learned an important lesson that led them to suppress certainformation which, suddenly, the local populace got wind of this suspect with almost tragic consequences, in turn, saw them accused of a cover up -a charge that was persistent ever since! What really is certain though is that, here in this time slip back water of London’s East End, you will begin to get an inkling of the horror that the Whitechapel Murders began to generate as the residents faced the alarming realisation that someone, or something, thoroughly wicked and evil had arrived in their midst. Where a lot of the buildings have survived from 1888, your guide will take you through the full story of the Leather Apron scare and will outline the police investigation as it began to unfold and, in a few respects, unravel, as you walk through this film set corner of the East End. read more