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Looked for this blog post whilst on a hunt for obscure sights in London and wow, they’re so beautiful, notably stairs in Queen’s House!

With an exhibition about the ancient Egyptians, 3 Temple Place is always open at the moment By the way, the memorial at Postman’s Park has been incredibly moving. To visit house you should time it right as it’s mostly open to the social 3 months out of theyear to display a changing exhibition. Yet, therefore few people see about it!William Waldorf Astor, at the time the richest man worldwide, built house as an estate office and vault for his belongings. However, fun fact. 1 Temple Place has to be London’s most extreme mansion. Now regarding aforementioned fact… Top-notch spot to admire St Paul’s Cathedral in all its glory usually was One newest Change’s roof terrace. With that said, this modern shopping centeris right next to St Paul’s, and the elevator gets you to roof terrace on the 6th floor.

Another question isSo question is this. Was always it a house?

Merely left the room before you came in, it seems like they’re still there.

Observethe lives of a family in 18th and 19th century, while walking silently through the house.

You’re immediately transported to another era, when you step into Dennis Severs’ House. Now this museum is indeed the most beautifuland most reputed museums to visit in London. That’s where it starts getting interesting, right? That being said,what most people donno is that their tea room was the first museum restaurant in the worldand has always been virtually a museum piece on it’s own! It’s a well-known fact that the Victoria Albert Museum. Essentially, is not it in each single guidebook? On top of that, don’t leave Greenwich without visiting Queen’s House, most people search for Greenwich in SouthEast London to stand on original Meridian Line at the Royal Observatory. As a result, basic reason for visiting Banqueting House is Rubens’ painted ceiling. read more