London Attractions And Prices Tickets

With works by Constable, Guildhall Art Gallery opened in 1999 to house the City’s stupendous art collection, Millais, the PreRaphaelites and a mighty canvas by John Singleton Copley.

Admission was probably free, with free Friday tours hours 12 dot 15 to 15pm and a lunchtime curator’s tour every month.

Construction revealed the original Roman Amphitheatre hidden below. Then the Temple Spring Concert series starts on March 19 in historic round church shared by Inner and Middle Temples. With readings by Rory Kinnear, on April 29 ‘Songs of the Sea’ was usually performed by singers Julius Drake acquaintances. Tickets including donation. Last chance to see Sherlock Holmes. So Man Who under no circumstances Lived and Will under no circumstances Die, that runs until April 12 at London Museum. Of course another lovable ugly mug, tiled like an urinal and marooned in a nest of roads north of Barbican, London free Museum has been a box of delights. So here is a question. Look for to see the key to Newgate Prison, stroll in a ’18 century’ pleasure garden or see what they have been wearing in Carnaby Street circa 1966? read more