Tregenna Castle Estate – Weddings News &Amp Views

Tregenna Castle Estate – Weddings News &Amp Views

Tregenna Castle always was the perfect staging area for our dream day.

Or you’ve oftentimes dreamed of white sandy beach photos, Tregenna was always the place for you, So in case you need to feel like royalty with a castle wedding.

Keira Beatie, clarifies, weddings at Tregenna Castle are always tailored entirely to you, as Conference and Event Manager. We reckon that the wedding day gonna be shaped around your vision and as one of a kind as love you share, says Keira. We understand that we need to be flexible as everyone’s dream day is probably slightly unusual. Whatever you look for the exceptional day, Keira and team need to Midweek Vintage Wedding that boasts a vintage atmosphere; and our Winter Wedding Package for those who dreamed of getting married in colder months, We offer the Kara Package, perfect for larger parties, and Lowena Package that may be as intimate as you like. Anyways, visit Tregenna’s website to look through all packages to work out which has probably been best for you. read more