Tour Of London – Also Which Are Top-Notch Companies To Use

tour of london Two the ur minutes was pulling off of Whitehall onto the Westminster Bridge for great views of Big Ben, Parliament, the London Eye, and views down the Thames River.


Cool! Anyways, the city has a lot to offer for kids, Undoubtedly it’s extremely easy to navigate using the Underground tube system, and without language barrier London was an easy introduction to Europe. Consequently, london seemed to be the perfect starting place for this trip. We ok Tyler and Kara on their first international trip to Europe in October, Our moms, Kathy and Valerie, and came with us. I’m thinking of starting with a double decker bus ur but look, there’re so many online. I am planning a trip to London with my husband and 2 teenage daughters this summer. And now here’s the question. Which are top-notch companies to use?

tour of london Does it make sense to book this ahead of time, or is it better to buy tickets once we arrive in London? Look, there’s very much to see and we only have 2 or 3 days before we head to the countryside. We bought our tickets right by our hotel in Kensington. Starting with the bus ur is a great way to start your ur of London. Whenever making it easy to see the big sites and having transportation at identical time, you can buy your tickets and hop on and off as you go around the city. Of course whenever seeing Whitehall, Big Ben, St, A good chunk of the ur is skippable, better parts are obviously the heart of London. Paul’s, the London Eye, The Tower of London, and similar There might be men selling tickets at these stops and on the bus. That said, whenever learning where their stops are and the route they take around the city, do a little research ahead of time.

We used Big Bus Tours and were very happy with them.

You must be fine buying your tickets the morning of your first day.

Since the buses run all day it’s not a problem to get tickets. I reckon, better seats are on the upper level in the back…you can turn around and take great photos off of the back of the bus without getting the bus in your shots. Generally, it was a cool morning and the wind blowing on us was very chilly. I know that the double decker bus ur of London was cool…literally and figuratively. It was worth it for the awesome views of London. Tim, Tyler, and Valerie sat up front under cover where it was warmer while Mom, Kara, and I sat outside in the back seats. With all that said… Six of us sat on the upper amount of the bus. Known we disembarked on the Westminster Bridge and spent a little time here soaking in the most popular sites in London.


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