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tower of london england Situated in Central London on the banks of the river Thames, To be honest I have had the pleasure of visiting the Tower three times now.

Again in the summer of my 24th year as an university student with my mother and again in the winter of 2015 at the ripe old age of 30 with my partner as I lived a dual life between Ireland and England, as soon as at the age of 19 when I lived in London.

And so it’s beautifully strange to come back to a monument that stands still in time when you’ve aged and changed very much since your last visit. With that said, that is what I adore about historical monuments, their presence in the modern world reminds us of our place in the universe. We inevitably become part of their narrative, they will continue to stand tall as we age.

 For me it makes me appreciative of the time given to me… and thankful I live in the 21st century, to some that would go so far to state that you’re doing yourself a disservice by not visiting this historic site.

I have said it many times and I will say it again, no visit to London is complete without a visit to Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. Steve, our most recent guide epitomised these values and I can’t it needs to attain this position. Anyways, like Steve, I know it’s the Yeomen Warders, that bring this national treasure to life and form its formidable spirit, the Tower of London is a historic gem in its own right.

tower of london england I have the upmost respect and admiration for the Yeomen Warders as to be considered one must have served a minimum of 22 years in the armed forces with impeccable conduct.

Protecting the Crown Jewels, guided urs form part of their duties but it’s easy to forget who these men and women really are, members of the Sovereign’s Body Guard and it’s a revered position not easily attained.

Formed in 1509, the Yeomen Warders are truly a regal sight to behold in their traditional uniforms which bare the initials of the monarch they serve, Elizabetha Regina, the latter being latin for Queen. Most recently whilst undertaking a guided ur it was our Yeoman Warder, Steve, whose clear passion for his work and dedication to crown and country that really moved me.

Quite a few lazy Sundays as a child were spent poring through the English history section of my father’s personal library and throughout university I had a remarkable lecturer who further inspired my love of antiquity.

I’ve always had a fascination with British history since the Welsh and English blood that runs in my veins.

As a Protestant and religious studies enthusiast the bloodshed caused by rival Christian denominations fighting for power during and after Tudor England has captivated me for years as my agnostic father always encouraged his children to know the history of our chosen religions. My attraction to the Tower began in the past. Just be sure you don’t arrive each thirty minutes and though sometimes gory the stories brilliantly presented by the Yeomen Warders appeal to children and adults alike.

For those not living in London, the most economical way of getting around and seeing points of interests must be through the purchase of the London Pass.

If you plan to arrive by tube disembark at Tower Bridge station which is serviced by the District and Circle lines.

Not only will you save money but for pass holders you gonna be offered fast track entry at numerous landmarks, including the Tower of London. Be sure to make a day of it as Tower Bridge and HMS Belfast lie within close proximity to the Tower of London. Also, you can utilise your pass to cruise the Thames and arrive in style at Tower Pier. Therefore in case you are plagued by seasickness the London Pass permits you to use the Free Hop on Hop off Bus Tour which will bring you to the perimeters of the 12 land acres that make up the famous fortress. Audio guides are also available in English and are a great addition for history buffs after your guided tour.

French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean and Mandarin.

With an eye to truly grasp an inside look into the history of the Tower be sure to join the frequent and free urs conducted by the Yeomen Warders.

Famous as the monument they protect, they offer a charismatic, educational and personal perspective to life at the Tower and your visit will undoubtedly be enriched by your 60 minute tour. Notice, for urists where language is a barrier, an audio guide might be a better suited option and are available to hire for roughly 00 in a myriad of languages. Open everyday with the exception of New Years Day and the Christmas period covering December 24 through to December 26 be sure to include the Tower of London in your visit to England’s mighty capital and let it become part of your history just as you become part of its. Most importantly a percentage of the admission price contributes wards Tower restoration and maintenance.


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