Transportation Options Included With The London Pass

london tourist attractions voucher Thanks for all of your helpful information regarding London Pass.

I purchased the 6 day pass for myself and 14 yearold daughter.

We have six days in London so there gonna be ample enough time to get the most out of our pass. I got the 6 day pass with travel since we are staying near the London City Airport and should be traveling by DLR and Tube any day into London to visit maximum attractions, we are visiting June ’27 July’ 3. It cost $ 350 for the two of us with travel. Wanted to know about discounts on urs not covered by the Pass, specifically Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes since my daughter loves both and we plan to do those urs with quite a few of the popular attractions covered by London Pass. Do you know an answer to a following question. Can you tell me if the pass/travel card comes already activated or I have to find a ticket window office and get it activated?

london tourist attractions voucher Hello, Actually I am ordering the London Pass/Oyster card via Online website. It is my first time visiting London and I am purchasing 3day pass. They become activated on your first use. You can use it or use it on a future visit to London, if you have remaining credit on your Oyster card. For the London Pass I know it’s good for 3 consecutive days so start using it in the morning and they will either be delivered to your home or you can pick them up right after you arrive in London at the pass office. Of course most people use them at similar time, they don’t actually need to be used together. And therefore the first time you visit an attraction, the London Pass 3day time starts. For the Oyster TravelCard, you can use it at any time and it will have a set quantity of credit on it and you can use that credit anytime.

london tourist attractions voucher Really appreciated your helpful information!

Is it possible to check your balance on a Oyster Card before getting to the turnstiles?

While delaying our journey, I don’t need to add unnecessary credit, t need to be caught at the entry and have to go p up. Thanks a lot. If you uch your card to the yellowish reader, it must give you your balance, So if you go to a ticket machine in a tube station. Essentially, it’s a good idea to also see your balance when you use the card although it flashes quickly. Yes you can check the balance of a Visitor Oyster Card. Hi Barbara, Glad this was helpful! You see, staff members can also assist, if you have any problems. Enjoy your time in London. We could be staying in an apartment in Chelsea so I’m sure we could be using public transport a fair amount.

london tourist attractions voucher Have tickets to HP Studio and most probably should use travel cards for that transportation as well?

Possibly even a day trip to Brighton?

Our children are 16 and 19 and I believe we’ll need to purchase adult tickets for them? Any suggestions you have to offer would greatly appreciated. Generally, thank you very much for all the helpful information. Plenty of info can be found easily on the internet. We are also considering a day trip to Stonehenge, Bath, and suchlike and are debating between an ur or going on our own? For instance, I know entry in to Kensington Palace is included but is there chance we could not get in since there are no tickets available or That’s a fact, it’s sold out? Our family of four should be visiting London 29th May -8th June, 2017 and are considering purchasing the 10 Day London Pass with the travel cards. One concern we had was getting tickets to Kensington Palace as it appears online sales are getting sold out in the course of the time of our visit. A well-known fact that is. We are staying at Marriott County Hall and planning to visit Tower of London, Westminster Abbey.

london tourist attractions voucher Intending to use hoho and river cruise to Tower of London.

The train ticket is very inexpensive and doesn’t have to be used if I understood correctly.

Great deal if so it’s correct. Was advised to buy train tickets from Queenstown Road to Vauxhall and present with 241 vouchers. I am excited to purchase the London pass for our first time visit later this year. Seriously. I was wondering about the discounted theater tickets as amongst the special offers. How far in advance can you purchase tickets, and does purchasing tickets activate your card? You can however, use the Oyster Cards or travel cards separately from the London Pass as using the travel cards or passes does not activate the London Passes. You know I have really similar scenario for PAris Pass, and I would’ve been doing identical, I believe.asking for refund the transport piece and buy it locally when we arrive.

I did get the Seville equivalent, though, for a brief 3 day visit and I don’t think I actually saved that much money as I like to linger in places and take my time.

I did enjoy being able to get into the Cathedral without having to queue up though!

Michelle recently posted…Wining and Dining in the Shadow of Vesuvius Hi Michelle! I don’t know anything about the Seville pass but it’s not the passes owned by the Leisure Group so it probably has another formula. It’s a well I’ve found some to be very worthwhile while others are not a perfect value, with other passes. Needless to say, amidst the things I do really like about this pass is that while it includes quite a few biggest attractions in London, it also includes lots of attractions that most visitors don’t normally visit similar to the Banquet Hall, Keats House, Apsley House, Wellington Arch, Benjamin Franklin House, Florence Nightengale Museum, Cutty Sark, London Motor Museum, and similar and suchlike I reckon having the London Pass introduces people to these lesser known places and later encourages them to visit since I know it’s free to do so with the Pass.

I didn’t realize that you could get into so many attractions with this pass, thanks for the useful summary!

I was surprised it covered a lot as well!

Britain’s Busiest Airport Hi Suze, the London Pass includes may be planning to certain attractions while my son and I may be visiting different locations at very similar time. I’m sure you heard about this. I appreciate any it’s a great post! Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Thank you in advance! For example, we are currently in London and I have downloaded and synced all three of our tickets on my mobile device. Then, a couple other places of interest that are not covered by the pass that you might look for to consider are the Sherlock Holmes Museum and the WP Studio Tour London.

So there’re no London Pass connected discounts and there aren’t loads of normal discounts offered for these tickets as they are quite popular. Therefore in case you seek for to visit the WB Studio Tour London -The Making of Harry Potter you should book now as they sell out sometimes months in advance. Current issue is there’s currently a 2 year exhibition of Diana’s clothing that is very popular and the palace is far more busy than normal because of it. Over the summer months actually, it look for to visit as yes it might be sold out. Of course I will try early in your trip and if sold out, you can try booking a ticket or coming back later in your trip, since you have loads of days in London. As a result, the website says that a limited number of tickets might be available any day even when tickets are sold out online -I should advise getting there just before it opens on a weekday and you’ll probably get in as And so it’s not normally busy until a bit later in the morning with peak time in the early afternoon.

Kensington Palace isn’t normally sold out and tickets are usually easily available at the office on most days.

My question is regarding the travel from Windsor back to Paddington as the website and book only state travel TO Windsor is included.

Travel back from Windsor is definitely included? We are traveling as a family of 6 to London next month and have our London Passes and Travel cards already. This is where it starts getting very serious. This can also be included in the cost / benefit analysis. Actually a round trip rail fee to and from Windsor is 14 every. Just show the London Pass identical way as travel to Windsor? I enjoyed reading your experience with the London Pass. Furthermore, you are right, the London Pass provides a great extra cost savings if you are traveling to Windsor. Whether you have the Travel Card or not, indeed, both travel TO and FROM Windsor Castle is included with the London Pass. Known yes you need to not have any problems if you do that going both ways, you do have to travel to and from the castle using the stated stations and follow instructions. So it’s not as clear as it gonna be on the London Pass website.

Hi Curt, Glad you enjoyed our article on the London Pass.

Hope that answers your questions and thanks for signaling out the cost savings for the travel as it will likely with that said, this perk definitely makes the London Pass even more worth it for those planning to travel to Windsor Castle! I did not include it on our cost/benefits being that plenty of people won’t be visiting Windsor and And so it’s difficult to determine the exact cost savings relying on where people are starting from and the ticket type yes, about 11 -20 will be the cost savings if someone was purchasing regular day tickets to travel to Windsor Castle and back. They just enable you to through without activating it, right? Does using the pass to travel to windsor activate the pass?

Well, the reasons that make me think about the possible cancellation of the transportation piece is child travel limitation but also the fact that we should be 6 days in London and we need also to a brand new Osyter card since is likely to be more conveninet that individual ticleks or Travelcards and right after our stay we will have nine and seems they are willing to refund. My question is, however, that it dies come with a ‘hop on’ hip off pass. Can I get the hopon pass on the day I seek for to start my pass. We have reserved the London 3 Day pass.

So in case I pick up the pass early does the ‘hopon’ pass start that same day?

Thank you in advance for your help.

So in case we were to pick it up on Sunday or Monday I understand I can start using it on Tuesday. Hello, My husband Tom and I might be arriving in London on Easter Sunday. London Eye ticket costs Individual ticket costs are reduced by 10 per cent if bought online. Children aged 415″ pay 14 and children under 4 can ride for free; senior citizens pay 16, Tickets for adults who pay on the day are 19 dot 95. Just think for a moment. You’ll need to email the London Pass team and I should explain that you don’t need a full refund but need to change your order and need a refund for the difference.

Loads of thanks for your prompt reply Jessica, I appreciate that.

If you seek for a bunch of leisure time, I think it depends on how much time you look for to spend in every place on your day trip, I’d advise taking trains or buses and doing it yourself.

You can read about our day trips to Stonehenge and Bath and our day trip to Oxford and the Cotswolds here for some general options. Certainly, So there’re the majority of group bus ur and private urs available, if you just seek for to see the highlights and don’t look for to worry about the logistics. With a bus tour, mostly there’re dozens of options your personal, or hire a private car/van. Notice that I have not been to Brighton yet so can’t personally advise on it but options are same as above although less popular as a day ur than above, it’s about a 2 hour train journey from London.

Out of your list, the Tower of London, HMS Belfast, Westminster Abbey.

Note that if you are traveling with a ’10yearold’, they travel for free on public transport in London when traveling with an adult holding a valid Oyster Travelcard so your 10yearold shouldn’t need a ticket as long as you are with them and have your Oyster Card.

Please also note that delivered travel cards are date stamped on issue so it’s a good idea to have already provided the dates for when they could be valid when you ordered them at checkout. Although, further credit can’t be added to the travel cards.

You do not need to activate them but you do need to use them on the dates they are stamped.

Mondays to Fridays, all day Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, on every day of validity and for any journey that starts before 30am on the day following the expiry date.

If you purchased a 2 day London Pass that are good for zones 1 London 6. Paul’s Cathedral, Kensington Palace, and the Tower Bridge Experience are all included with free entry. You can’t visit Buckingham Palace state rooms next month but the London Pass includes free entry into both the Queen’s Gallery and the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace. With the London Pass you get a free audioguide, entry to the Tate Modern’s permanent collection is free. Instead of roundtrip on river we may get there via Waterloo and just cruise back.

Didn’t realize it was this particular quick and inexpensive route! JanisJ -your suggestion is a decent one that should save time. Whether you have time to visit all these plus the rest on your list and go to one or two musicals, I am not sure. You probably can if you don’t mind heading out early every day and having a full itinerary with only short breaks for lunch -just plan your route ahead in advance. Basically, you can read this article for more tips on using the Oyster Card. Now pay attention please. While having a Visitor Oyster Card will definitely save you money on public transport if you plan to use it, whether you buy the card in advance or on arrival, the costs are very similar. Therefore this doesn’t work for the kids though.

Glad you got in contact with them and I am sure they will refund you if you decide to do so within the 30 day limit. Just know that for the adult Oyster cards included with the London Pass, you can just add money to them, you won’t need to buy any new cards after the 6 days are over as you can p it up/add credit. Therefore if you purchased a ‘3day’ London Pass you’d receive 3 1 day off peak travel cards for your daughter. Please ensure you have selected the correct start date when ordering as your travel cards will have the date you selected and must be used on these specific dates, please also note that delivered travel cards are date stamped on issue.

If you wanted to make additional travel, you can also not add any credit to them, you would need to buy a ticket or new travel card.

Adults receive a Visitor Oyster Card to use and children age 1115″ receive a paper offpeak travel card, that can be used within zones ‘1 6’ of London.

So 1 day travel cards can be used from 30am Mondays to Fridays, all day Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, on every day of validity and for any journey that starts before 30am on the day following the expiry date. Given the aforementioned, you may need to consider buying your daughter’s travel card or pass separately to you shouldreally can use it anytime and for your entire stay in London. I was not 100percentage sure of the answer to all of your questions so I checked with London Pass to be sure. With that said, they do have restrictions as you can’t use them before 30am on weekdays. Let me tell you something. They travel for free on public transport in London when traveling with an adult holding a valid Oyster Travelcard, So in case you are traveling with children under age 11.

By the way, the experience on board The London Eye holds 32 capsules.

Visits last for one rotation, that takes about 30 minutes, and during that time visitors rise to a peak height of 443ft.

Capsules are fully accessible to guests in wheelchairs. Actually, from there, it’s possible to see up to 25 miles away. Therefore, guests should prepare for some bustle and commotion -up to 28 visitors are assigned to every capsule during peak times, There’s no commentary on board. I do not yet have a ‘6 day’ itinerary but I am actually working on doing should like to inquire……….my family and I and a maximum of 25 guests.

Cost is 500, irrespective of how many people board.

You can take a train to Watford, and a shuttle bus from Watford Junction train station is available to the attraction.

Regular public transport links serve the attraction. Accordingly the shuttle bus costs 50 per person and a valid booking confirmation or Studio Tour ticket is vital if you want to board the shuttle. However, for the transportation to HP Studio, that’s outside London so will need to be purchased separately. For Sherlock Holmes or Harry Potter, you shouldn’t have any issue finding a walking ur as the London Pass gives discounts on a few walking and bike urs with a couple of companies. Just be sure to check the schedule in advance of your trip as most urs are only offered on certain days of the week so you can find one that works with your schedule. I would check out London Walks and Brit Movie Tours as both offer both Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes walking urs and you receive discounts on tickets with the London Pass. Glad you found our article on the London Pass helpful!

Regarding your question, first in my opinion you must break down what’s free, what’s covered by the London Pass, and what really was not free but not covered by the London Pass to define if it’s worth it or not.

Now, download your free guide for even more exciting travel inspiration.

You are now signed up to receive the latest and greatest travel guidance and information from Fodor’s Travel. Email them at with your full name, your London Pass order reference number, and details of your request. It sounds like you had asked for pick up in London rather than delivery but if anything was mailed to them, you’ll need to mail it back at an address they will provide to you. Of course, let them know what you previously ordered and how exactly you would like to change it. Normally, they should then process any due credit to you. Eventually, we’ll also share our own experiences using the London Pass and provide a honest breakdown of our own cost savings.The London Pass includes free admission to heaps of popular attractions in and around London, a sightseeing bus tour, discounts, and the possibility to add ona public transportation pass to travel throughout the city.

We’ll you should know to decide if the London Pass is a perfect deal for you, decide on which pass to buy, and how to get the most value out of your pass.

The London Pass also comes with a free very useful guidebook, and you can also download the helpful phone app.

It also is quite good when you want to skip the long entrance lines at a couple of these attractions and includes a 1day free Hop on Hop Off Bus Tour ticket, the London Pass not only allows for free admission to pass also entitles the holder to loads of freebies at like free audioguides at the National Gallery and free access to the IMAX 3D theater shows at The Science Museum. Notice, the London Pass also includes free Thames River cruises, ‘hopon’ hopoff bus tickets, canal cruises, guided city walking tours, and even entertainment options just like free movie theater screenings and a free game of bowling. You can contact the company during business hours or send them an email, I’d say if you have a question not answered by the guidebook or their website. Doesn’t it sound familiar? However, in a perfect deal for you, especially if that’s not your first visit to London or you have very limited time in the city, In many cases, the London Pass is a decent value and will save you money.

You’ll likely save money and time by purchasing the London Pass, So if you are planning a trip to London and seek for to spend some amount of time admiring great artwork and visiting grand royal palaces. These include plenty of most popular London attractions like. Fast track options are available at a couple of attractions, allowing one to enter a faster entrance line designed for pass holders. Is it Worth It? Then again, tips on Using Buying the London Pass. Accordingly the cards and tickets do both include Underground travel to and from Heathrow Airport. Glad you found our info on the London Pass helpful. Nonetheless, sounds like you gonna be in London for some time and the 10 Day London Pass can be a great value -the longer the duration the more you can get out of the London Passes.

We are a family of five.

Do in my opinion they going to be coming in the mail. On p of that, does it cover the Heathrow airport to London tube transport? We are traveling to London July Our children are 15,14 and I have purchased the London pass/travel pass together. My question is. You will probably save time purchasing them as a bundle, So in case you are interested in most of the anyway. Paris Pass comes with three separate passes plus a ‘1day’ hop on, hopoff bus voucher per person. Anyway, if you only need one or two of the cards, so you are better off purchasing them separately.

You can definitely purchase the Paris Museum Pass, Paris Visit Card, and transit card separately if you wish. You should remeber that the Paris Pass is a bit different as mostly there’s no travel option, the travelcard is included in all purchases. London Eye facts and figures Each London Eye capsule weighs 10 nnes The tal weight of the wheel and capsules is 2100 nnes Capsules travel at a speed of 26cm per second, equal to 6miles per hour. That said, this slow pace allows guests to step on and off their capsule while the Eye is in motion. Will I be better off seeing the more expensive sights on the 3 day pass and seeing the other sights on the days I don’t have the pass? Also, will it be worth it to get the 6day pass even if I only get 5 days’ use out of it?

I am traveling in London for about 5 days on my own. Will the London pass be an ideal deal for me on my own? Hope the above-mentioned helps and have a great trip to London! Hope this helps and happy travels to London! By the way I still prefer visiting the smaller cities and countryside in the UK, I’m almost sure I have come to really like London. Can you believe despite Steve coming from UK I have never been there yet? You’ll have to go as London soon and yes the Oyster Card is a must if you plan to take public transit. Fact, lyn -A Hole in my Shoe recently posted…Things to do in Budapest for NYE Hi Lyn, By the way I know you’ve been to Europe so I am quite surprised you’ve never been to the UK since Steve is from there.

Some very great historical places and excellent museums throughout the UK.

Thank you for posting this as I’ll know exactly where to find this useful information when I finally get to book a trip to London, that I hope might be in the not I have to admit I only first went once meeting Laurence about a year and a half ago. Oyster card sounds like a great purchase and gonna be sure to get one. Like you we like to get out early and fill our day. As you say, we often get city passes, and recommend them whole heartedly, it just depends on how many sights you seek for to experience. Going out early is always a perfect tip for passes really like that! We found with the London Pass that for most visitors, especially those staying ‘2 3’ days or more, that it’s generally a big good value and will generally save them money. You can find a lot more info about it on this site. It really depends on the pass as some are rarely worth the money, arnie recently posted…Chic Cotton Sail Hotel Review Hi Arnie, we often save money when we get the city passes.

Certainly it depends on whether you plan to see lots of sights or not.

It’s a EXCELLENT post.

Thanks for sharing it. I hope to go back to London next year and if I do I’m surely planning to need to read your post again. I am preparing to bookmark it for future reference. Anda recently posted…Medieval Castles and Fortresses You Should Visit in Romania Thanks Anda! You should take this seriously. It wasn’t written consequently It has a lot useful information and it’s so detailed, Actually I wish I will have read it when I went to London, I was to London many times. Hi Jessica, great and detailed ‘write up’ on the London Pass! Yes, that’s right! It’s a great point you make about introducing urist attractions that are slightly off the radar for most travellers -I’ve never actually heard of the less ‘wellknown’ ones you mentioned!

Sounds like you will also be using the Oyster Card a lot as well during your visit so good that you have that sorted out as well. Then the Docklands Light Railway is good for that area as well as definitely the Tube and buses. Please let me know if you have any problems and I hope you have a great trip to London. Indeed, the London Pass is very helpful if you are visiting a bunch of attractions in London! So, hi there. Unfortunately my trip is cancelled and I won’t be able to visit London by the time the Pass expires. Anyways, can I get a refund on what paid for the Pass? You should take it into account. We had a trip to London planned and I brought a 6 day London Pass.

It hasn’t and won’t be activated.

Hope this helps!

It obviously depends on where you seek for to go, for many families the London Pass can save them money. Just let me know if you have any further questions. Oftentimes we need to see Hampton Court, Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Windsor castle, Churchill war rooms, Charles dickens museum and do the hop on hop off bus and or river cruise. My hubby and I are coming to London for 8 days in July. Is all of this doable in our timeframe and if so is the London pass worth it? We also seek for time to wander around. Among the days we are intending to Seven Sisters cliffs, one evening for an event we are intending to Highclere Castle, and another afternoon evening we are doing the Harry Potter Tour. With all that said… That leaves us with 5 full days and two half days in London. I was planning to purchase the London Pass at a discounted rate of 110 pounds. That’s interesting. Westminster Abbey and the Churchill War Rooms are very close together.

You should probably need the ‘6 day’ London Pass given your time in London.

Lots of the places on your list are very high value so the London Pass would likely be a very good deal for you if you go to all the places on your list and do the Thames boat ride as well as Hop on Hop Off bus.

All the best on your trip to London and do we have to know if you have any other questions! Hi Liz, you are spending a huge bit of time outside London but I believe 5 full days plus a little extra must be enough time to do the things on your list. Consequently, will also take at least half a day to get there, Hampton Court is also outside the city, tour, and return. Windsor Castle is outside London but you can go in the morning and return in the early afternoon to do more sightseeing or take a break. On p of this, just remember that travel to and from Windsor Castle is included on the London Pass if you follow the directions in the London Pass book/wesbite. Remember, I would just be organized and do your research beforehand about opening days and times and try to fit gether the places you look for to see by area.

Wer of London gets very crowded so Undoubtedly it’s best to try to see when it opens and from that area you can also catch the boat or bus from there to take you to a lot of the other places on your list just like Westminster Abbey and the Churchill War Rooms.

I looked at a map and planned out days that way.

On day I planned the attractions near Tower of London followed by the boat cruise. Get off at Buckingham palace. Usually, thank you! Finish bus at end of day. Now let me tell you something. Thank you for your advice! Now look. See Westminster Abbey, Churchhill war rooms, Kensington palace. This is the case. I’m not sure if that is so much in one day or not but my husband and I get around fairly quickly on our trips.

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