University Of East London First Place Meetings And Networking

university of east london I often find financial services recruiters and the HR departments within financial services firms to be counterproductive to the process of matching p candidates to relevant jobs given their very rigid views on what the ideal candidate profile gonna be.

He must try applying directly to smaller firms in the City and in addition try to draw on any contacts made through the Barclays mentoring to try and get an entrry point into the bank.

I would urge the candidate to refine his CV but not be put off by the comments regarding his place of study. Personal Profile A ‘Finance, Money and Banking’ undergraduate whose prime priority is delivering highquality performance. For instance, advanced and well experienced in Internet Technologies. Operating personal lifelong learning policy. Confident in professional verbal and non verbal means of communication.

university of east london Considerate and reliable member of academic and professional teams. Judging by the remarks of professional evaluators, it appears they will automatically disregard Cvs from extremely able candidates who may not have had the opportunity of an ivy league education and therefore were less gonna get onto an internship program from a bank. On the plus side, you’ve chosen a great degree subject and you’ve done well to get on the BarCap mentoring scheme. In my opinion you’ll struggle to get a position in the front officeand maybe in the back office there’re also loads of bad points, there’re some good points to this CV. With that said, in the second place, your mission statement is far must only be two lines. You also lack any relevant work experience -a problem now that most banks hire for front office positions through their internship programmes. You should take it into account. Starting with the bad. Keep reading. You could also try a MSc at the universities banks do target, with intention to improve your application. What you really need know is some relevant work experience in an investment bank.

We have a list here.

What I my be looking for in a candidate at this level must be someone who has a rigorous academic background and has demonstrated drive and ambition through their work experience and extra curricular activities.

I believe the candidate has demonstrated this to some extent and should have awarded his CV a score of at least 60percentage. Therefore, the CV could’ve been improved and can’t reasonably expect all candidates to have relevant work experience.


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