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tower of london tickets Originally built by William the Conqueror in 1078, the Tower of London is a royal residence, a royal mint, a prison, a zoo, an armoury…just to name a few!

Originally designed to be both a home and a fortification, the Tower had been an un missable part of the London skyline since its’ very beginnings almost 1000 years ago.

While expanding it greatly over centuries to form the massive complex that stands today, plenty of kings added onto the Tower. Royal Coronation Processions for centuries, perhaps the location of the murder of the Princes in the Tower, a site of execution of three queens, the secure hold of the treasures of the Crown Jewels, and a living space for those responsible for the security of the Royal Family and all their regalia. For example, a lot of the biggest moments in our history passed within these walls. I’m sure you heard about this. With nearly 1000 history years, the Tower of London is at the p of almost everybody’s list when they come to London. For those looking to plan your Tower visit here in London -look no further! Our Tower of London Visitor Tips are all you should better know about visiting the Tower of London.

tower of london ticketsAnother question isSo the question is this. Just what’s hidden away behind the outer facade?

Far from being just a singular Tower, Her Majesty’s Fortress, the Tower of London is a series of buildings, towers, turrets and walls.

Just how must one go about visiting the Tower of London? It’s a well one can only enter as part of a Yeomen Warder led tour, hurry up and find a group to join before you go inside, with intention to get inside the Chapel.

tower of london tickets Wer of London Visitor Tips. Have a look at the Tower of London’s Google+ page for images, updates and reviews from others who have already experienced it, as always. Medieval Palace in the Tower shows visitors exactly how our historic Kings and Queens should have lived while King Edward I. With that said, while culminating in a visit to the Lanthorn Tower which houses objects of great value and historic interest that belonged to the kings who previously lived here, a recreation of the 13th century palace built by King Henry II and his eldest son, you can experience the comforts of medieval luxury. Of course whenever showcasing not merely the history of Mint Street, displaying lots of the actual artefacts that been produced here, the Coins and Kings experience gives visitors a handson experience. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Mint Street -Commemorating the fact that the Royal Mint used to be based in the Tower of London the Mint Street exhibition highlights and details the history of the Royal Mint in the Tower. Tales of ransom, thievery, and even an appearance from Isaac Newton, make Mint Street an exciting addition to the Tower exhibitions.

Nearest Underground Station to the Tower of London is Tower Hill on the District and Circle Lines.

Bus routes 15, 42, 78, 100, and RV1 will also bring you to the walls of the Tower.

Those travelling on the Docklands Light Railway can get to the Tower via Tower Gateway Station. We recommend using this link to get directions to the Tower of London from anywhere in London. Be sure to take a glance at our posts on navigating the London Underground and choosing which tube pass to buy. With all that said… No need to book in advance -tickets lines move very quickly. You can only buy on the day, Therefore in case you are ‘we’ and need to get consequently continue your visit.

Bring a passport size photo for every person, if you plan to go this route.

Advised that the 7 day travel card requires a free Railway Photo Card. Ticket attendant will assemble your Railway Photo Card for free. If you plan to visit even one 2 for 1 sight a day, the 7 day Travelcard is a great value considering the 2 for 1 entries and its price pays for itself VS the London Tube Oyster Card which charges a maximum of 40 a day if you stay within Zone ‘1 So’ even with a short 3 day stay, it will more than pay for itself. When reading the 2for1″ offers be very careful to check the fine expiration or blackout dates at the bottom for EACH attraction.


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